Greetings to all, last report of the year.

Hello to all,
I have implemented the graph view of the pressure log app.
It looks like this:

Now I have to implement the zooming and sliding of the graph and the option to share the image via e-mail or others.

Well merry Xmas to all and a happy new year.

See you on 2014!


Pressure Log, next app almost finished

It has been a while since the last post.

I have high blood pressure and my doctor asked me to keep a record of my pressure levels, so I have been working on an app to keep records of my blood pressure instead of doing it on the computer.

This is more or less how it will look like:

That's the app icon.

In the main activity, by clicking on the blue text you enter the user's menu, where you can add, delete or select a new user.

Then you can add your values and modify the date or time of the lecture, by pressing on the blue texts.

And you can display your values in a table.

You can delete the checked values or send the whole table as a CSV file.

Thats it for now, next I'm going to implement the visualization of your values as a graph.

As my workload is high and I'll be visiting the family for holidays, I'm not sure if I will be able to publish before the end of the year, I'll keep you informed.


Slide whistle app, almost there

Hello all!
I have been toying with sounds and I have come up with a slide whistle / slide flute app!
It looks like this at the moment:

It has a range of two octaves, with the central frequency at 880Hz (A5) and goes from 440 (A4) to 1760Hz (A6), sliding up and down you change the pitch, and going left to right changes the volume, it works almost as a Theremin!

Now I have to do the "art" for the app and it will be ready to publish.

I'll keep you updated.


Asteroids game, the mechanic of the game is complete.

The game is almost done, now I'll try to add sounds and the capacity to post the score in twitter, facebook or google plus.

A couple of screenshots:

I think that I'll move the control buttons upwards, I find a little hard to press the bottom ones with the thumb after playing for a time.


Asteroids game report

Now, I'm trying to write an asteroids-like game.
At the moment I have the controls working: rotation, thrust and fire. I have implemented the ship and the "bullets" simulation and now I am going to develop the asteroids and the interactions between bodies.

I have given it a very plain look:

One interesting thing is that the shots fly at a constant speed, so if the ship is advancing at top speed, a shock wave is produced.

when I have all the physics working maybe I'll change the colors and some behaviours, shall see.

I'll keep you updated, regards.