Greetings to all, last report of the year.

Hello to all,
I have implemented the graph view of the pressure log app.
It looks like this:

Now I have to implement the zooming and sliding of the graph and the option to share the image via e-mail or others.

Well merry Xmas to all and a happy new year.

See you on 2014!


Pressure Log, next app almost finished

It has been a while since the last post.

I have high blood pressure and my doctor asked me to keep a record of my pressure levels, so I have been working on an app to keep records of my blood pressure instead of doing it on the computer.

This is more or less how it will look like:

That's the app icon.

In the main activity, by clicking on the blue text you enter the user's menu, where you can add, delete or select a new user.

Then you can add your values and modify the date or time of the lecture, by pressing on the blue texts.

And you can display your values in a table.

You can delete the checked values or send the whole table as a CSV file.

Thats it for now, next I'm going to implement the visualization of your values as a graph.

As my workload is high and I'll be visiting the family for holidays, I'm not sure if I will be able to publish before the end of the year, I'll keep you informed.


Slide whistle app, almost there

Hello all!
I have been toying with sounds and I have come up with a slide whistle / slide flute app!
It looks like this at the moment:

It has a range of two octaves, with the central frequency at 880Hz (A5) and goes from 440 (A4) to 1760Hz (A6), sliding up and down you change the pitch, and going left to right changes the volume, it works almost as a Theremin!

Now I have to do the "art" for the app and it will be ready to publish.

I'll keep you updated.


Asteroids game, the mechanic of the game is complete.

The game is almost done, now I'll try to add sounds and the capacity to post the score in twitter, facebook or google plus.

A couple of screenshots:

I think that I'll move the control buttons upwards, I find a little hard to press the bottom ones with the thumb after playing for a time.


Asteroids game report

Now, I'm trying to write an asteroids-like game.
At the moment I have the controls working: rotation, thrust and fire. I have implemented the ship and the "bullets" simulation and now I am going to develop the asteroids and the interactions between bodies.

I have given it a very plain look:

One interesting thing is that the shots fly at a constant speed, so if the ship is advancing at top speed, a shock wave is produced.

when I have all the physics working maybe I'll change the colors and some behaviours, shall see.

I'll keep you updated, regards. 


retro GPS now online!

At last! 
Well, it has taken me a long time, but here it is:

I hope you like it.

Now I can concentrate in other ideas for apps, I think that I will try to make various apps at the same time, in this way, when I am tired of one, I can switch to the other. Maybe it improves productivity.

I'll keep you updated.



Retro GPS app almost finished

Well, this app is almost finished, man, it has taken me a lot more than I expected.
The navigation screen is working, take a look at it:

the straight line points to north, and the bright green dot is your selected destination. If you switch the one/all selector, you can see the rest of saved locations in dark green, like this:

I have still a to do list:
- Test the app thoroughly.
- Update the eclipse IDE and the admob library.
- Write the about and google agreement screens.

If everything goes well, I think that I'll publish the app next weekend.

I'll keep you updated.


Retro GPS progressing at snail's pace

More than a month since last entry.

Man, this app is taking me too long to develop, too much work at the factory and too much procrastinating.  :(

However, there is progress, I have the navigation screen at 50%, at the moment it shows the distance to the target and the speed at which you are traveling.

It shows the distance in feet, miles, meters and kilometers, the speed is shown in km/h or mph.

There are a pair of screenshots:

It will show the target in the black square as if it were on a radar screen, switching the "one/all" control will show the other locations in range.

Hope to post the next entry sooner.


Progress report, GPS app on its way to completion

Well, it has been two weeks without a post so I'll show you what I have been doing.

After learning how to implement the location picker and manage the locations database, I have been working on the appearance and features of the app.

In the main view there is a location list from the database, there is a LED next to the location's name showing which location is active.

With the (+) button you can add a new location to the database.

Back in the main page you can delete the selected location (trash button) or get its data (info button).

Now I have to implement the navigation activity, with the lower row of buttons you will be able to navigate  to the selected destination from the list (arrow button) or, if they are in the database, to the "Car" or "Home" locations.

During the navigation, it won't display a map, but the destination(s) as if they were displayed on a radar screen and the distance and speed.

I started this project because I wanted an app to help me find my car again when it is parked in unfamiliar places, but man, it is growing on its own. Nevertheless, I think that it looks good.

I'll keep you informed on this project progress. I want to finish it, so I can try to implement other ideas.


Learning databases the hard way

This week I have learned how to manage a SQLite database, just the basics, and how to display a listview with the database's entries.

There is not much to show you, as this is more about programming than to displaying.

However I have made some sprites imitating nixie tubes to display data on the GPS app. I will use them to show distance to destination and speed while navigating.

Here's a preview of how they look like.

This project is making me work hard and I advance at a slow rate, but I think that the end result will be a nice app.



Location picker completed

Well, the location picker, part of my GPS application project, is complete.

That's how it looks:

You can search a location by latitude/longitude or entering an address, or use the location that appears in the map, you can also select your current location using the  GPS button:

I love the switch to change between satellite and map views.

Still much work to do! now to learn how to add a location database.

See you!


Progress report: location picker at 50%

OK, late entry.
As I told you, I am trying to make a GPS application, the hardest part, so far, is making a location picker.
I can say that I have learned lots about google maps and location providers, but there is still much to learn.

That is how the picker looks like for now, when it is fully functional, I'll try to make a skin so it looks "retro style", or at least has a better designed interface.

I almost had it yesterday, but with the Google play API update and the update of the eclipse SDK, I must have made an awful error, and today I had to erase and remade the project, fortunately I had a backup.

Well, I think that the whole project will take me at least two more weeks, this will be my longest project so far.

I'll keep updating.


hard work on progress

No big news this weekend, I have been learning, the GPS app project is still far away.
This week I learned to use the position sensors, and yesterday I updated the AR protractor with a zoomable camera view.

Next week I will be trying to learn to display google maps on apps, the GPS I want to do will not use it very much, but in some points of the app cycle it may be needed to check the location data against a map.

I will get you updated.


Learning and working on new ideas

I am currently learning how to get the sensor's data and interpret them, I have two apps in mind.
The first one will be a retro-style GPS application, I know what I want it to do, but still much learning is needed.

I have entered a more relaxed coding phase, so I think it will not be ready for next weekend, maybe I will try some improvements on the current apps to publish.

Regards to all.


Ball juggler, new short game.

I have just published the ball juggler game.
I have been programming the whole weekend, it has been a satisfying challenge, but now I am tired and going to bed.
Tomorrow I will comment some more.


Augmented reality protractor.

The augmented reality protractor is online now!

I was wanting to make an inclinometer as a learning exercise, and as I sometimes wonder if a post or a column is really perpendicular to the ground, I gave it a camera preview, so you can align a feature with the reticle and see if it is indeed vertical.

With the Z angle it will tell you the slope of a surface.

Hope you enjoy it.