Location picker completed

Well, the location picker, part of my GPS application project, is complete.

That's how it looks:

You can search a location by latitude/longitude or entering an address, or use the location that appears in the map, you can also select your current location using the  GPS button:

I love the switch to change between satellite and map views.

Still much work to do! now to learn how to add a location database.

See you!


Progress report: location picker at 50%

OK, late entry.
As I told you, I am trying to make a GPS application, the hardest part, so far, is making a location picker.
I can say that I have learned lots about google maps and location providers, but there is still much to learn.

That is how the picker looks like for now, when it is fully functional, I'll try to make a skin so it looks "retro style", or at least has a better designed interface.

I almost had it yesterday, but with the Google play API update and the update of the eclipse SDK, I must have made an awful error, and today I had to erase and remade the project, fortunately I had a backup.

Well, I think that the whole project will take me at least two more weeks, this will be my longest project so far.

I'll keep updating.


hard work on progress

No big news this weekend, I have been learning, the GPS app project is still far away.
This week I learned to use the position sensors, and yesterday I updated the AR protractor with a zoomable camera view.

Next week I will be trying to learn to display google maps on apps, the GPS I want to do will not use it very much, but in some points of the app cycle it may be needed to check the location data against a map.

I will get you updated.


Learning and working on new ideas

I am currently learning how to get the sensor's data and interpret them, I have two apps in mind.
The first one will be a retro-style GPS application, I know what I want it to do, but still much learning is needed.

I have entered a more relaxed coding phase, so I think it will not be ready for next weekend, maybe I will try some improvements on the current apps to publish.

Regards to all.


Ball juggler, new short game.

I have just published the ball juggler game.
I have been programming the whole weekend, it has been a satisfying challenge, but now I am tired and going to bed.
Tomorrow I will comment some more.


Augmented reality protractor.

The augmented reality protractor is online now!

I was wanting to make an inclinometer as a learning exercise, and as I sometimes wonder if a post or a column is really perpendicular to the ground, I gave it a camera preview, so you can align a feature with the reticle and see if it is indeed vertical.

With the Z angle it will tell you the slope of a surface.

Hope you enjoy it.