Progress report, GPS app on its way to completion

Well, it has been two weeks without a post so I'll show you what I have been doing.

After learning how to implement the location picker and manage the locations database, I have been working on the appearance and features of the app.

In the main view there is a location list from the database, there is a LED next to the location's name showing which location is active.

With the (+) button you can add a new location to the database.

Back in the main page you can delete the selected location (trash button) or get its data (info button).

Now I have to implement the navigation activity, with the lower row of buttons you will be able to navigate  to the selected destination from the list (arrow button) or, if they are in the database, to the "Car" or "Home" locations.

During the navigation, it won't display a map, but the destination(s) as if they were displayed on a radar screen and the distance and speed.

I started this project because I wanted an app to help me find my car again when it is parked in unfamiliar places, but man, it is growing on its own. Nevertheless, I think that it looks good.

I'll keep you informed on this project progress. I want to finish it, so I can try to implement other ideas.

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