Asteroids game report

Now, I'm trying to write an asteroids-like game.
At the moment I have the controls working: rotation, thrust and fire. I have implemented the ship and the "bullets" simulation and now I am going to develop the asteroids and the interactions between bodies.

I have given it a very plain look:

One interesting thing is that the shots fly at a constant speed, so if the ship is advancing at top speed, a shock wave is produced.

when I have all the physics working maybe I'll change the colors and some behaviours, shall see.

I'll keep you updated, regards. 


retro GPS now online!

At last! 
Well, it has taken me a long time, but here it is:

I hope you like it.

Now I can concentrate in other ideas for apps, I think that I will try to make various apps at the same time, in this way, when I am tired of one, I can switch to the other. Maybe it improves productivity.

I'll keep you updated.



Retro GPS app almost finished

Well, this app is almost finished, man, it has taken me a lot more than I expected.
The navigation screen is working, take a look at it:

the straight line points to north, and the bright green dot is your selected destination. If you switch the one/all selector, you can see the rest of saved locations in dark green, like this:

I have still a to do list:
- Test the app thoroughly.
- Update the eclipse IDE and the admob library.
- Write the about and google agreement screens.

If everything goes well, I think that I'll publish the app next weekend.

I'll keep you updated.